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Trekkies is a 1997 documentary film directed by Roger Nygard about the devoted fans of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek franchise. Starring Denise Crosby (best known for her portrayal of Security Chief Tasha Yar on the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation), the movie contains interviews with Star Trek devotees, more commonly known as Trekkies. The fans range from people who dress as Klingons to members of Brent Spiner fan clubs and a club that is producing a Star Trek movie of their own. Trekkies includes many Star Trek actors and fans, including Barbara Adams, the Whitewater scandal trial juror who arrived in court in her Starfleet uniform. Another prominent profilee was Gabriel Köerner, who attained minor celebrity status as a result of his role in the film. In 2003, a sequel was launched, entitled Trekkies 2. This documentary travels throughout the world, mainly in Europe, to show fans of Star Trek from outside the United States. It also revisits memorable fans featured in the previous film.

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