Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force

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The Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF) is the military organisation responsible for the defence of the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It consists of the Regiment, the Coast Guard, the Air Guard and the Defence Force Reserves.

Established in 1962 after Trinidad and Tobago's independence from Britain, the TTDF is one of the largest Military forces in the English speaking Caribbean. Its mission statement is to "defend the sovereign good of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, contribute to the development of the national community and support the State in the fulfillment of its national and international objectives".The Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force is made up of four distinct arms,The Regiment/Army, the Coast Guard, the Air Guard and the Defence Force Reserves, which all fall under the authority of the Ministry of National Security. The TTDF has the world's only Military steelpan band.

The Commander in Chief of the Defence Force is the country's President, President George Maxwell Richards. The current Chief of Defence Staff is Brigadier Roland Maundy.


Regiment (Army)

The Trinidad and Tobago Regiment is the main ground force element of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force. It has approximately 2000 men and women organized into a Regiment Headquarters (located in Port of Spain) and four battalions. The regiment has two primary roles; Maintaining the internal security of Trinidad and Tobago and the assistance of local law enforcement.

Also, as one of the larger military forces in the region, the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment is also one of the main units used in peacekeeping and humanitarian situations from the Caribbean region

The Trinidad and Tobago Regiment also provides the bulk of the musicians assigned to the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Steel Orchestra, the world's first and only military steel band.

Although it is called the Trinidad & Tobago Regiment, the TTR is in fact structured more like a light infantry brigade, with a pair of infantry battalions, plus engineering and logistic support units:

1st Battalion (Infantry), Trinidad and Tobago Regiment: This is the regular infantry battalion. It is located at Camp Ogden, Long Circular Road, St James.

2nd Battalion (Infantry), Trinidad and Tobago Regiment: This is also a regular infantry battalion. Formerly located at Camp Mausica, since then it has been relocated to the Chaguaramas Heliport and is due to be relocated to a new camp in Caroni.

3rd Battalion (Engineers): This provides engineering support. It is located at Camp Cumuto, Wallerfield.

4th battalion (Service and Support): This provides logistic and administrative support. It is located at the Teteron Barracks, Teteron Bay, Chaguaramas.

The Regiment also maintains a Camp Omega, also at Chaguaramas, which is used primarily for infantry training.

Air Guard

The Air Wing of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence force was formed in February 1966, and was initially part of the Coast Guard and was called the Air Wing of the Coast Guard or the Air Wing. In 1977, it was separated as its own entity. In 2005 it was renamed the Trinidad & Tobago Air Guard (TTAG). Its bases are at Piarco International Airport, Crown Point International Airport, and the Heliport at Chaguaramas. Its purposes are to protect and patrol Trinidad and Tobago's airspace, and is also used for transport, search and rescue, and liaison. The current commander of the Air Guard is Group Captain Tyrone Rodulfo .

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