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Twiglets are a wheat-based crisps shaped like small twigs, originating in the United Kingdom. Their main flavour comes from yeast extract, which often leads to claims that they taste like Marmite.


Manufacture and marketing

Twiglets are manufactured in Aintree by Jacob's Bakery Ltd., a subsidiary of United Biscuits. They are marketed in the United Kingdom and packaged in a 150 gram bag. They are also available in 25 and 45 gram bags and in 200g tubs. From the package: "a whole lot of crunch in a wholegrain munch", "entertain your senses!", "distinctive knobbly shape", "baked not fried".


Twiglets were introduced by Peek Frean & Co in Bermondsey for Christmas 1929. [1] They were previously available in curry, mint and 'tangy' Worcestershire sauce flavour, although these have now been discontinued.


Nutritional information

Twiglets in the media

  • Twiglets are also known as "Sticks dipped in Marmite". In an episode of the British TV comedy series Mr Bean, Bean runs out of Twiglets and attempts to prepare his own by snapping twigs off a tree and covering them in Marmite.
  • Twiglets are often mentioned as a snack in the game "Party Quirks" on the UK version of Whose Line is it Anyway?. Tony Slattery or Paul Merton usually instigated the Twiglet gags. Paul Merton claimed "when in doubt, go for the Twiglet gag!"
  • In the British comedy series Spaced, lead character Tim Bisley says that Twiglets make him violent.
  • In the comedy series The Mighty Boosh, Vince tells Howard that if he ate him, it would be like eating a twiglet, whereas consuming Howard would be like a Jacobean Banquet. In another episode, Vince tells a girl that appears at an inopportune time that she should "nip off and get herself some twiglets."
  • In an episode of British TV show Never Mind The Buzzcocks Noel Fielding told host Simon Amstell that Courtney Love would 'crush you like a Twiglet' leading Simon to retort 'or kill me and make it look like suicide'.
  • In their film-review programme on BBC Five Live, Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode often humorously refer to The Twilight Saga series of films as ‘Twiglet’.
  • In 2010, rock and roller Parry Gripp wrote a song about Justin Bieber and a Twiglet as his April 20th song of the week[2].

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