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UAE is a computer emulator which emulates the hardware of the Commodore Amiga range of computers. Released under the GNU General Public License, UAE is free software.



UAE was released in 1996 and was originally called the Unusable Amiga Emulator, due to its inability to boot.[1] In its early stages, it was known as Unix Amiga Emulator and later with other names as well. Since none of the popular expansions fit any more, the abbreviation no longer stands for anything, and the software is simply known as UAE — this occasionally gets backronymed as Universal Amiga Emulator or Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator.


UAE is almost a full featured Amiga emulator. It emulates most of its functions:

For software, UAE may use disk images made from original Amiga floppy disks. These images have the file extension of "ADF" (Amiga Disk File). Actual Amiga disks cannot be used, because of limitations in the floppy controllers used in other computers[2] Images of Amiga formatted hard drives can also be made. UAE also supports mapping host operating system's directories to Amiga hard drives.


UAE has been ported to many host operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS, FreeBSD, DOS, Microsoft Windows, RISC OS, BeOS, Palm OS, the Xbox console, the PSP and GP2X handhelds, the Wii console, and even AmigaOS, MorphOS and AROS, where it allows software that requires the Amiga chipset to be run on PowerPC-based AmigaOS machines.

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