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Ukonline was a "portal" website of the UK Government linking to public sector information. The site was launched in 2001 and maintained by the Office of the e-Envoy (later the e-Government Unit, part of the Cabinet Office).

The site featured news, links, and search facilities connecting together much of the government's web presence, though later this pan-government search facility was removed. Visitors to the site were able to search for information on a variety of topics (for example, agriculture, finance and health) and retrieve a list of government departments that were able to provide them with more information. It was also possible to do such things as apply for a passport, buy a television licence, register to vote or complete and send a Tax Self Assessment form, but only if users left the website, as they could not actually perform the transaction on UKonline.

The site was replaced in 2004 by a more citizen-centric service: Directgov.

There is still a network of community internet access points called the UK Online Centres network [1] run by Ufi Ltd.

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