Uncle Jam Wants You

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Uncle Jam Wants You is the eleventh studio album by American funk band Funkadelic. It was originally released by Warner Bros. Records in 1979, and was later reissued by Priority Records in 1993. It was produced by George Clinton under the alias Dr. Funkenstein. It is the first Funkadelic album since America Eats Its Young in 1972 not to sport a cover illustrated by Funkadelic artist Pedro Bell, though Bell did contribute some interior artwork.



In some ways, Uncle Jam Wants You (a reference to the "Uncle Sam wants you!" US Army recruitment posters) is a more militant sequel to the group's previous album, One Nation Under a Groove. Whereas that album described an ideal country ruled by Funk, "Uncle Jam" actually attempts to provoke the conversion into Funkadelia. Its purpose is also (as the cover claims) to "rescue dance music from the blahs."

The cover art depicts George Clinton in a Huey Newton-Black Panthers pose, reflecting the more martial lyrical themes of the album.

The album features the band's last big hit single "(Not Just) Knee Deep", an edited version of which went to number one on the Billboard Black singles charts.


  • Allmusic.com[dead link] "Uncle Jam Wants You takes not merely a more daring musical approach but a more forthright political stance".
  • Rolling Stone (10/3/02, p.106) - 4 stars out of 5 - "The home of 'Freak Of The Week' (which launched a thousand g-funk songs)."

Track listing


Credited as the "Funkadelic Rescue Dance From the Blahs" Band:

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