Under Siege

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Under Siege is a 1992 action film directed by Andrew Davis and stars Steven Seagal as a former Navy SEAL who must stop a group of mercenaries, led by Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey, on a U.S. Navy battleship.[2] It is Seagal's most successful film in critical and financial terms, including two Academy Award nominations.

Under Siege was followed by a 1995 sequel, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.



The film begins with the American battleship USS Missouri (BB-63) arriving at Pearl Harbor, where the President of the United States makes a speech announcing that after the Missouri's long time service, the ship will be decommissioned in California, making the trip her final voyage. Casey Ryback (Seagal), a Chief Petty Officer assigned as a cook, is preparing meals in celebration for the birthday of Captain Adams(O'Neal), against the orders of Executive Officer, Commander Krill (Busey), who is having food and entertainment brought from Hawaii by helicopter after they have set out to sea. Krill provokes a brawl in the galley with Ryback, who assaults Krill. Unable to imprison him in the brig without clearance from the captain or attracting attention, Krill detains Ryback in a freezer and places a Marine on guard to prevent Ryback from leaving. The helo lands on the ship's deck with a musical band called "Bad Billy and the Bail Jumpers", along with Playboy Playmate "Miss July '89" Jordan Tate (Eleniak) and a group of caterers who are all really a band of mercenaries led by ex-CIA agent William Strannix (Jones). Shortly after the party begins Strannix (who is posing as the band leader) pulls out a gun and kills the highest ranking officer in the room, then all the caterers and band members pull out weapons and seize control of the ship with the help of Commander Krill, who is revealed to be a double agent. Several of the officers are killed during the takeover, including Captain Adams. The rest of the ship's company are imprisoned below decks in the forecastle, except for several stragglers in secured areas.

Strannix intends to steal the ship's arsenal of nuclear Tomahawk cruise missiles and plan to sell the nuclear weapons on the black market by unloading them onto a submarine Strannix had stolen from North Korea while on his final CIA mission. Strannix and his men take over the ship's weapon systems for defense, shooting down an F/A-18 Hornet sent to investigate, and plan on covering their escape by launching a missile strike into Honolulu that will obliterate tracking systems in Pearl Harbor.

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