United States congressional delegations from Alabama

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These are tables of congressional delegations from Alabama to the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives.


United States Senate

House of Representatives

1818 - 1819: 1 non-voting delegate

Starting on January 29, 1818, Alabama Territory sent a non-voting delegate to the House.

1819 - 1823: 1 seat

After statehood, Alabama had one seat in the House.

1823 - 1833: 3 seats

Following the 1820 census, Alabama had three seats.

1833 - 1843: 5 seats

Following the 1830 census, Alabama had five seats. During the 27th Congress, those seats were all elected state-wide at-large on a general ticket.

1843 - 1863: 7 seats

Following the 1840 census, Alabama resumed the use of districts, now increased to seven.

1863 - 1873: 6 seats

Following the 1860 census, Alabama was apportioned six seats.

1873 - 1893: 9 seats

Following the 1870 census, Alabama was apportioned eight seats. From 1873 to 1877, the two new seats were elected at large, state-wide. After 1877, however, the entire delegation was redistricted.

1893 - present

Following the 1890 census, Alabama was apportioned nine seats. It currently has seven.

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