Universities in the United Kingdom

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Universities in the United Kingdom have generally been instituted by Royal Charter, Papal Bull, Act of Parliament or an instrument of government under the Education Reform Act 1988; in any case generally with the approval of the Privy Council, and only such recognised bodies can award degrees of any kind. Undergraduate applications to almost all United Kingdom universities are managed by UCAS - the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service.

Most universities in the country may be classified into 6 main categories:

The central co-ordinating body for universities in the United Kingdom is Universities UK.



The universities share an undergraduate admission system which is operated by UCAS, with the exception of The Open University. Applications, which may be made on-line, must be made by 15 October of the previous year for Oxford and Cambridge (and medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses) and by 15 January of the following year for admissions to other UK universities.

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