University of London

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Based primarily in London, England, the University of London is a federal mega university made up of 31 affiliates: 19 separate university institutions, and 12 research institutes.[3] As such, the University of London is the largest university in the UK by number of full-time students, with 135,090 campus-based students and over 45,000 in the University of London International Programmes.

The university was first established by a Royal Charter in 1836, which brought together in federation London University (now University College London) and King's College (now King's College London), to establish today's federally-structured University of London.

Graduates of the University of London may use the post-nominal letters 'Lond.' (Londiniensis) after their degree abbreviations (see post-nominal abbreviations).



Founded in 1836, the University at first comprised just two colleges: University College London, which previously had no official chartered status and did not apply religious tests to its students, and King's College London, which had been chartered since 1829 and which admitted only members of the Church of England. Both King's (founded 1829) and University College London (founded 1826) pre-date the University of London, which initially served solely as an examining body for the constituent colleges.

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