Unterseeboot 552

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7. Unterseebootsflottille (Front Boat)
1941-02-01 — 1944-04-30
22. Unterseebootsflottille (School Boat)
1944-05-01 — 1945-05-02

Kapitänleutnant Klaus Popp
1942-09-09 — 1944-04-30
Oberleutnant Günther Lube
1944-07-11 — 1945-05-02

German submarine U-552 was a Type VIIC U-Boat built for the German Kriegsmarine for service during World War II. She was laid down on 1 December 1939 at Blohm & Voss in Hamburg and went into service on 4 December 1940. U-552 was nicknamed the Roter Teufel ("Red Devil") after its mascot of a grinning devil which was painted on the conning tower. She was one of the more successful of her class, operating for over three years of continual service and sinking or damaging 30 Allied ships with 164,276 tons sunk and 26,910 tons damaged.

U-552 was involved in two controversial actions: in October 1941 she sank the USS Reuben James the first US Navy warship to be lost in World War II; this was at a time when the US was still officially neutral, and caused a diplomatic row. In April 1942 she sank the freighter SS David H. Atwater off the US seaboard in a particularly brutal attack, characterized as a naval atrocity.[1]

U-552 had an unusually long service life, surviving to the end of World War II; after evacuating from her French base during the spring of 1944 she operated on training duties in the Baltic Sea until 2 May 1945, when her crew scuttled her to prevent her falling into enemy hands.


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