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UserLand Software is a U.S. software company founded by Dave Winer in 1988.[1] UserLand sells Web content management and blogging software packages and services.



In January 1992 UserLand released version 1.0 of Frontier,[2] a scripting environment with an object database and a companion language called UserTalk for the Macintosh. When Apple bundled its own scripting language, AppleScript, with new systems, Frontier's initial market all but collapsed. In response, UserLand came to re-position its software as a Web development environment in 1995[3] and launched a Windows version in 1998.[4]

Userland distributed Frontier as freeware starting with the "Aretha" release of May 1995,[5] yet began charging for licenses again with the 5.1 release of June 1998.[6][7] It eventually placed the software under the open source GNU General Public License with the 10.0a1 release of September 28, 2004.[8] Frontier is now maintained by the Frontier Kernel Project.

Frontier is the kernel for two of UserLand's products, Manila and Radio Userland, as well as Dave Winer's OPML Editor, all of which support the UserTalk scripting language.

Early Web building applications

Userland developed two pioneering Web building applications, AutoWeb[9] in early 1995 and Clay Basket[10] later that year. Both applications went through a free public beta period, yet neither was ever released in a 1.0 version. In 1996 Clay Basket was abandoned in favor of improved Web publishing functionality built into Frontier.[11]

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