V8 Supercars

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V8 Supercars is a touring car racing category based in Australia and run as an International Series under Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) regulations. As well as enjoying popularity in Australia, it has a considerable following in New Zealand[citation needed], and is steadily growing in popularity across the world[citation needed] where television coverage allows.

V8 Supercar events take place in all the states of Australia except for Western Australia. Overseas rounds are also held in New Zealand and Abu Dhabi and, up until 2010, Bahrain.[3] V8 Supercars have drawn crowds of over 250,000 spectators.[4] The 2010 season was held over 14 race weekends at purpose-built racetracks and street circuits. Race formats include sprint races, with either a 100 km or 200 km race on Saturday and one 200 km race on Sunday, two 250 km races over the weekend (Adelaide and Sydney), two 300 km races over the weekend (Gold Coast) or endurance races such as Bathurst, which runs over a 1000 km race distance, and Phillip Island, which runs over 500 km.

The V8 Supercars themselves take as their basis either the Ford Falcon or Holden Commodore. Although they bear some resemblance to the production models outwardly, they undergo a high degree of modification to suit the motorsport application. They are strictly governed in all aspects of performance in an effort to keep all the drivers on an even footing to create closer, more exciting racing.[citation needed] Because of this, entire fields of 29 drivers are separated by just one second over qualifying laps at some events.

Historically, the Falcon and Commodore are the two most popular passenger cars in the Australian car market. Rivalry between the two makes is a major aspect of the sport's appeal.[citation needed]


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