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Finnish: Valmet Oy was a Finnish state-owned conglomerate. Valmet (originally Finnish: Valtion MetallitehtaatEnglish: State Metalworks) was formed in 1951, when the state of Finland decided to group their various factories working on war reparations to the Soviet Union under one company. Valmet and the factories fused with it produce a wide array of products including paper machines, board machines, aeroplanes, automobiles, locomotives, trams, trolleybuses, weapons and everyday household appliances. Valmet merged with Rauma company in 1999, and the current Metso Corporation was created.


Valmet Automotive

Valmet Automotive (former Saab-Valmet) is a Finnish car maker. The majority of company is owned by Metso (former Valmet). The automobile production company was founded in 1968. Valmet Automotive is a brand-independent contract manufacturer of specialty motor cars.[1] Historically Valmet Automotive has produced cars for Saab Automobile, Talbot, Renault, Lada, Opel and Porsche.

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