Vanilla Sky

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Vanilla Sky is a 2001 American psychological thriller film directed, co-produced, and co-written by Cameron Crowe. The film is an interpretation of the 1997 Spanish movie Abre los ojos (Open Your Eyes), the screenplay for which was written by Alejandro Amenábar and Mateo Gil. The film stars Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz (in a repeat of her performance in Abre los ojos) and Cameron Diaz, with Jason Lee and Kurt Russell.

Vanilla Sky has been described as "an odd mixture of science fiction, romance, and reality warp,"[2] "part Beautiful People fantasy, part New Age investigation of the Great Beyond,"[3] a "love story and a struggle for the soul,"[4] and an "erotic adventure, romance, comedy, mystery, and psychological thriller, with a dose of science fiction."[5]



David Aames (Tom Cruise) is now the wealthy owner of a large publishing firm in New York City after the death of his father. Enjoying the bachelor lifestyle, he is introduced to Sofia Serrano (Penélope Cruz) by his best friend Brian Shelby (Jason Lee) at a party. David and Sofia spend a night together talking, and find they are soulmates. When David's former girlfriend, Julianna (Julie) Gianni (Cameron Diaz), hears of Sofia, she attempts to kill herself and David in a car crash. While Julie dies, David remains alive, but his face is horribly disfigured, forcing him to wear a mask to hide the injuries. Unable to come to grips with the mask, he gets overly drunk on a night out at a bar with Sofia, and he is left to wallow in the street while Brian takes Sofia home.

David is woken the next day by Sofia, who apologizes for not helping him, and brings him home. The two continue to see each other, and David has his face repaired. Despite the seemingly-perfect life, David finds oddities, such as brief visions of his distorted face, and a man (Noah Taylor) at a bar that tells him he can change the world. One day, when he goes to Sofia's apartment, he finds Julie there instead; all of the previous mementos of Sofia now showing Julie's face. Angry and confused, David suffocates Julie, and is later arrested and placed in a mental institution. The court psychologist Dr. Curtis McCabe (Kurt Russell) talks about the incident with David over several sessions. During one interview, David sees a nearby TV advertisement for "Life Extension", a company that specializes in cryonic suspension, finding the name familiar. Under Dr. McCabe's guard, David is taken to the Life Extension offices, where the salesclerk explains they freeze terminally-ill people just after the point of death in hopes a cure for their ailment will be available in the future, placing them in a lucid dream state. David becomes anxious and breaks free of Dr. McCabe, realizing he is in his own lucid dream that has gone wrong, and calling for tech support.

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