Veronica Lodge

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Veronica "Ronnie" Lodge ("created" April 1942) is a fictional character in the Archie Comics books series.


Fictional history and character

She is called both by her name Veronica and her nickname Ronnie (sometimes shortened further to Ron). Bob Montana, creator of the original Archie characters, knew the "Boston Brahmin" political family, the Lodges, because he had once painted a mural for them. Montana combined that name with actress Veronica Lake to create the character of Veronica Lodge. Her character was added just months after Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Reggie Mantle and Jughead Jones debuted.

Veronica is the only child of Hiram Lodge, the richest man in Riverdale, and his wife Hermione Lodge. She is tall, slender and attractive with long black hair. Veronica favors expensive, up-to-the-minute fashion. In some comics, it Mr. Lodge claimed that he moved his family to Riverdale in order to avoid Veronica becoming spoiled, like many of the children he knew and grew up with. His plan did not succeed as well as he had hoped.

In the earliest Archie Comics, Archie wrote to her asking her to a dance in Riverdale. He accidentally sent the letter; he really wanted to ask Betty Cooper, and was only daydreaming. Even after he realized he had sent the letter, he did not think she would really come. Veronica accepted the invitation, thinking that a dance would be fun. At the time, she lived in a much bigger city and begged her parents to go. Archie struggled trying to keep his dates with both girls, thus beginning their love triangle.

Lifestyle and relationships

Veronica enjoys a very posh lifestyle, as her family is among the richest people in the world. She nevertheless chooses to hang out with her less affluent friends, in part to try to win the love of Archie Andrews, whom she nicknames "Archiekins". Her level of interest in him varies, however. Mr. Lodge often has nightmares that Veronica and Archie will marry. In 2009, Archie Comics published a storyline that followed this possible future.[1].

Veronica's best friend is Betty Cooper, and the two enjoy countless activities and interests. However, they are also at constant competition for Archie's affections. Her other friends include Ethel Muggs, Midge Klump and Nancy Woods, and they all enjoy having slumber parties and shopping at the mall together. Aside from Archie, Veronica frequently dates Reggie Mantle, who has the wealth and possessions that she craves, as well as a narcissism that rivals hers.

In a five part story, she openly sides with Reggie, and (at least in this story) acts as thoroughly obnoxious as he. He began with framing Archie for breakage at her home; also causing some messes at school, all the while, framing Archie for the damage. One prank led to a tussle with Betty Cooper who thrashed him for beating her up (she was helping Archie with cleaning a store room, and Reggie mistook her for Archie) which led Veronica to scold Betty for being unladylike and nearly ruining "Reggie's aristocratic profile". The prank war ultimately was topped off with Reggie dressing as Dracula and trying to scare his rival. Eventually, she finally realized that Reggie was going way too far and berated herself for having supported him. Archie eventually wound up getting the last laugh when Jughead takes the rotor out of Reggie's car, which stranded the two troublemakers.

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