Vice Admiral

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Vice Admiral is a senior naval rank of a 3 star flag officer, which is equivalent to Lieutenant General in the other uniformed services. A Vice Admiral is typically senior to a Rear Admiral and junior to an Admiral. In many navies,[1] Vice Admiral is a three star rank with a NATO Code of OF-8, although in some navies like the French Navy it is an OF-7 rank, the OF-8 code corresponding to the four star rank of Squadron Vice-Admiral.


Rank Insignia

The rank insignia for a Vice Admiral usually involves three stars, but this is not always the case. In the navy of Iraq, Vice Admiral insignia involves one star.[2] In the navies of Azerbaijan,[3] Bangladesh,[4] China,[5] Cuba,[6] Iran,[7] Mexico,[8] North Korea,[9] and Russia, Vice Admiral insignia involves two stars, and in the navy of Turkey, Vice Admiral insignia involves four stars.[10]

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