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Violet (spectral approximation) (#8F00FF)

"Violet" (web color) (#EE82EE)

As the name of a color, violet (named after the flower violet) is synonymous with a bluish purple, when the word "purple" is used in the common English language sense of any color between blue and red, not including either blue or red. Since Isaac Newton listed violet as his name for the color of the short-wavelength end of the visible spectrum (approximately 380–450 nm),[1] when both of the names purple and violet are used within the same system, violet represents colors nearer to blue, while purple is used for colors more nearly between violet and red on what is called in color theory the line of purples. Objects reflecting only light wavelengths in the aforementioned “violet range” would appear very dark, because human vision is relatively insensitive to those wavelengths, but the color of a monochromatic light source emitting only those wavelengths can be roughly approximated by the color shown below as electric violet.

The first recorded use of violet as a color name in English was in 1370.[2]


Approximations of spectrum violet

Although pure spectrum violet is outside the color gamut of the RGB color space, the three colors displayed below are very rough approximations of the range of colors of spectral violet.

Color wheel violet

The tertiary color on the HSV color wheel (also known as the RGB color wheel) precisely halfway between blue and magenta is called color wheel violet.[citation needed] This tone of violet is shown at right.

Another name for this color is near violet as it is a tone of violet that tends toward Indigo. It represents the visual stimulation of the spectrum color at about 417 nanometers (just inside the violet portion of the spectrum if indigo is accepted as a separate spectrum color), as can be ascertained by checking the CIE chromaticity diagram.[citation needed]

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