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Volapük is an avant-garde band created by the French drummer Guigou Chenevier. The membership of the band is:

The band's style draws from a number of Eurasian ethnic musical traditions, from Spain to the Balkans to Mongolia. Unlike other avant-garde bands that rely on the use of nonmusical sounds, Volapük's music retains more of their folk music roots. Volapük is the name of an artificial language, which also draws its form from multiple language sources.

In the 1970s the drummer Guigou Chenevier played in the Etron Fou Leloublan band, and was part of the Rock in Opposition movement of like-minded musicians who were actively ignored by mainstream record labels and promoters. In a certain sense, one could say Volapük continues the Rock in Opposition movement. They have moved toward modern classical music of the minimalist school scrapping electric instruments altogether.

They have released five albums so far:

  • 1997 - Le Feu Du Tigre
  • 1997 - Slang!
  • 2000 - Polyglöt
  • 2000 - Pükapok (Live album)
  • 2003 - Where Is Tamashii?

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