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WAPA-TV is a full-power, independent television station located in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico transmitting over digital channel 27, virtual channel 4. The station is owned by InterMedia Partners and is branded as WAPA Television.

WAPA-TV has two full-power satellite stations: WTIN-TV, channel 4.1 in Ponce and WNJX-TV, channel 4.1 in Mayagüez. Both stations are also owned by InterMedia Partners.



WAPA-TV was the second television station to be licensed to Puerto Rico and began broadcasting on May 1, 1954. Its call letters are a partial abbreviation of the station's original owners, the now-defunct Asociación de Productores de Azúcar, or Puerto Rico Sugar Grower's Association. During its earliest years, the station was affiliated with NBC, ABC, DuMont, and the CMQ Television Network.[1]

The station was the first to transition to color unceremoniously in 1966 on NTSC, followed by WKAQ-TV in 1968. Popularly known in Puerto Rico by its assigned channel number, Canal Cuatro, the station was also known by its animated cartoon mascot during the 1970s and 1980s, a bongo-playing cat (known commonly as el gato de WAPA in Spanish) and therefore its rhyming slogan is, Por el cuatro como el gato (colloquially "on four like the cat"), which rhymes in Spanish. Similarly, another TV spot used the phrase, Hasta el gato, te-ve el cuatro and the cat itself was alternately known as el Gato de Cuatro.

Like other mascots, El Gato was seen in different situations in different TV spots. Besides playing the bongos, he would also play the drums and was seen in one station ID as a matador. Another spot had him interacting with a cat seen in a Telemundo ad. El Gato would also sometimes be accompanied by his wife and children (one boy and one girl), where they appeared flying in a helicopter shaped like the channel's "4" logo and celebrated the holidays while playing musical instruments.

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