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WLS is a Chicago clear-channel AM station on 890 kHz. It uses C-QUAM AM stereo and transmits with 50,000 watts from transmitter and towers on the south edge of Tinley Park, Illinois.[3]

WLS is currently a talk radio station, with its programming consisting of about half local talk shows such as Don Wade and Roma and The Roe Conn Show, and the rest syndicated programming such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Adam Bold and others. WLS also covers Notre Dame football and basketball.[citation needed]

WLS had been owned and operated by the radio division of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) since the purchase of its parent company in 1959 and the subsequent merging with WENR, a station with which WLS had shared its frequency since the 1920s. ABC-owned radio stations not affiliated with ESPN Radio or Radio Disney, including WLS, merged with Citadel Broadcasting on June 12, 2007.[4][5]

Despite different owners, WLS-AM and WLS-TV maintain a strong partnership (as WLS-TV is the local ABC owned-and-operated television station). An example of this strong partnership was when new managment at WLS-AM decided to return WLS-TV anchor Ron Magers as a daily commentary during the 3 pm half hour of The Roe Conn Show. This was on the advice of WLS-TV general manager Emily Barr. [6]



In the 1920s, Sears, Roebuck and Company was a major mail order company. To target farmers, Sears bought time on radio stations, and then decided to form their own station. Just before the permanent station was ready, Sears began broadcasts on March 21, 1924 as WBBX with noon programs using the WMAQ studios.[1]

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