Walter Mercado

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Walter Mercado (born March 9, 1932)[1], now known as Shanti Ananda is a Puerto Rican astrologer. Mercado announced (January 8, 2010) that he and Univision have parted ways after fifteen years.[2]


Early years

Mercado was born at sea while his Spanish parents traveled from Spain to Puerto Rico by ship.


For a short time in 1968, Mercado visited India, where he studied astrology.

TV Debut

On returning to Puerto Rico, he hosted a weekly astrology television show, first on WKAQ-TV, and later on its spinoff station, WRIK-TV (channel 7 in Ponce). Westinghouse remained a steady and long-time sponsor.

When WRIK-TV was bought by Tommy Muñiz, Mercado stayed for two years, moving then his show to WKBM-TV which later became WLII-TV, Tele Once (Channel 11). From 1995 to 2010, he appeared on Primer Impacto, which airs on the Univision network. He also appears on the Telemundo show "Levántate" and on various radio segments.

Name change

In October 2010, Mercado announced that he would now be referred to as "Shanti Ananda," a translation in Sanskrit of "peace happiness."[3] He says a "being of light" imparted a spiritual revelation to him, which he refers to as his "authentic mystic name." He is planning to write a book in 2012 under this new name.

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