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Wario (ワリオ?) is a fictional Nintendo video game character originally designed by Hiroji Kiyotake. Wario was designed as another antagonist to Mario (besides Bowser), and first appeared in the 1992 Game Boy title Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins as the main antagonist and final boss. Since that time, Wario has developed into the protagonist and antihero of the Wario Land and WarioWare series, spanning handheld and home console markets, in addition to his numerous appearances in spin-offs in the Mario series. He is voiced by Charles Martinet, who also voices Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi and Baby Wario.


Concept and creation

A rival to Mario first appeared in the 1985 game Wrecking Crew in the form of Spike, a construction foreman.[1] Although this character bears a slight resemblance to the Wario we know today, he was not to receive his true debut until 1992. The first named appearance of Wario occurred in the 1992 game Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins where he was designed by Hiroji Kiyotake who was also responsible for designing Samus Aran, another popular Nintendo character.[2] The motive for Wario's design arose from the distaste of Super Mario Land's design team towards designing a game based around someone else's character. The creation of Wario allowed them a character of their own to "symbolize their situation".[1]

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