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Wedge Antilles is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. He is a supporting character portrayed by Denis Lawson in the original Star Wars trilogy.[1] Antilles, also called the "greatest ace" pilot in the Rebel Alliance, also appears in the Star Wars Expanded Universe and is the lead character in most of the X-wing novels. Wedge is also notable for being the only Rebel pilot to have survived both Death Stars in combat. [1]



Antilles first appears in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope during the Rebels' Death Star attack briefing. In this scene Wedge is portrayed by Colin Higgins and voiced by David Ankrum, who dubs the character throughout the film. Denis Lawson plays the character for the remaining scenes filmed in the X-wing cockpit.[1] Lawson also portrays Antilles in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi; his own voice is used in both these films.

Expanded Universe literature explains that Wedge's parents were killed when his parents' starship-refueling depot exploded.[1] He piloted a freighter before joining the Rebel Alliance as a starfighter pilot.[1] Michael A. Stackpole's and Aaron Allston's X-wing books and several Dark Horse Comics series focus on Antilles and the rest of Rogue Squadron after the events depicted in the films. Antilles also appears in other Expanded Universe works, including the New Jedi Order and Legacy of the Force novels. Antilles is the player's character in the Rogue Squadron and Rogue Leader video games (reprised by Denis Lawson in the latter) and is a playable character in Rebel Strike.[1]

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