Werner Erhard

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Patricia Fry, September 26, 1953 - 1960 (divorced)

Werner Hans Erhard[2]:7 (born John Paul Rosenberg, 5 September 1935) is an author of transformational models and applications for individuals, groups, and organizations.[3][4] He is currently writing about integrity and leadership[5][6] and has lectured at Harvard,[7] Yale,[8] USC,[9] the University of Rochester[10] and Rotterdam School of Management.[11]

Erhard was first known for the "est Training" (1971–1983) and the “Forum” (1984–1991), which were offered to the public through an organizational structure that included Erhard Seminars Training Inc. (1971–1975), est, an educational corporation (1975–1981), and Werner Erhard & Associates (WEA, 1981–1991). Erhard, along with John Denver, Robert W. Fuller, and others, founded The Hunger Project in 1977.

In 1991, Erhard retired from business, sold his intellectual properties to a group of his former employees (who formed Landmark Education) and moved abroad.


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