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Wikipedia is not a mirror of public domain or other source material. In Wikipedia articles, quotes of any original texts being discussed should be relevant to the discussion (or illustrative of style) and should be kept to an appropriate length.

  • If out of copyright, shorter texts - such as short speeches (the Gettysburg Address), short poems ("Ozymandias"), and short songs (most national anthems) - are usually included in their article. Longer texts are best summarised with the full text placed on Wikisource, or given as an external link.
  • If the work is in copyright, then be careful to limit the amount quoted, do not place it on Wikisource, and only link to websites containing it if they have a right to do so, for instance, a band's official site may contain lyrics or videos for one of their songs. These could be linked to, but we must not link to an unauthorized copy of their video on YouTube, or to a site infringing the copyright on their lyrics.

Summarise, quote from and link to

Avoid including entire texts of treaties, press releases, speeches or lengthy quotations, and so on. In an article of a treaty, for example, summarize the treaty and then provide an external link (or, if the treaty is on Wikisource, an interwiki link) to the actual treaty. Smaller sources and samples are acceptable in articles.

Examples of combining Wikipedia and Wikisource:

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