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This is an archive only of bug reports from Phase II of the Wikipedia software (used before June 20, 2002). Please see Wikipedia:Bug reports for instructions on adding bug reports for the current system.

  • sometimes a protected page still says "edit this page" when you first view it.

Edit replaced entire text of a Talk page 2/26/02

I just attempted to edit the Talk page on the article, Masculism. It brought me to a blank screen in which I wrote my comment. I previewed it, and hit the save button. I didn't think anything of the fact that there was nothing else except my text shown, until afterwards. Mine was the only comment remaining. Rgamble


Editing is not atomic

I enter a new article and hit the Save button. It times out. I hit Save again. It comes up with an edit conflict in which the existing article is empty and what I tried to enter is full. This indicates that the timestamp is updated before the article. I then copy the text to the top text box and hit Save again; this time it has an edit conflict in which the existing text and the text I am trying to enter are identical. -phma

More on this bug: I looked at Family (biology) and noticed that "genuses" should be "genera". So I fixed it. Just as I hit the button, I noticed that "taxonomic" was misspelled, so I hit edit again. It gave me "genuses", and when I changed "taxanomic" to "taxonomic" and hit save, I got an edit conflict with the "genera" version. -phma

Mysterious edit conflicts

14 Feb I add the name Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov to Major figures of World War Two on the World_War_II page, hit save and scroll down to check it is there, it isn't, I hit refresh and I get a edit conflict.

While I was working on the Complete list of encyclopedia topics pages, I was getting mysterious edit conflicts. I believe that this was due to the enormous size of the pages and Wikipedia's extremely sluggish response time; I would hit "save", and then wait half an hour(!) for the page to finally refresh. It would indicate an edit conflict, but my changes would be saved anyway. Perhaps the software was timing out and retrying the same edit after it had already gone through? Bryan Derksen, Friday, April 19, 2002


"Go back to edit some more" doesn't work

  • 9 Nov - I cannot simply hit the back button in my browser, after I have saved a page, and make another change to the page. I do that all the time in UseModWiki, but I can't do it on PediaWiki because I get into an edit conflict with myself.
    • Now you can, but after "back", you'll have to hit "reload" to correct the timestamp embedded in the HTML of the editing page. --Magnus Manske
    • This is still a problem. I still get into edit conflicts w/myself. And the timestamp should come from the serverside (e.g. the script), not the browserside (i.e. the HTML).
    • This is still a major bug. --The Cunctator

Clicking on link in Recent changes takes me to edit box for that link

2/19/02 6:27 ish PST. Clicked on Boleslav II Smialy in Recent Changes to see what Mr. Parker had done with the article. Got the edit box for the article, which contained a redirect to an appropriately titled page. Tried to save it as I found it, got an edit conflict. Repeatedly tried to remove what "I" had added to the lower box, and then save, got continued edit conflicts., Finally just backed out. User:JHK

Is this kind of thing still going on, or has it been resolved? Brion VIBBER, Friday, April 19, 2002

Three tildes in preview

In preview the three tilde symbols (~) are not replaced with the user name. -- Jan Hidders

Three tildes shouldn't be replaced in pre, nowiki

The ~ is not uncommon in ASCII art such as in Stimulated emission, and should be left intact inside pre and nowiki areas. Brion VIBBER 2002/03/12

Fixed it. Will now be replaced on preview, and is left unchanged in nowiki and pre tags. --Magnus Manske, Sunday, April 14, 2002
STATUS : Solved in CVS

Konqueror 2.1.1 with KDE 2.1.2 cannot render any edit/add page. 2002-1-1

The text area for the body of the article is displayed correctly; however, the "summary" text field is rendered ""inside"" and over the article body text area. Also, nothing that would normally appear under the article body text area does not render at all.

That's the fault of Konqueror; tried to scroll down? I get that sometimes with the "Search" button, and scrolling down usually fixes it. Also, reduce the number of lines of the edit box in your user preferences. --Magnus Manske

Impossible to edit some pages

(2002/03/16) I cannot seem to add anything to Feature requests. It refuses to allow any editing and returns an error beep. I can edit this and other pages. Vignaux

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