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The Wikipedia project is multilingual, with wikis in over two hundred languages being actively worked on and another one hundred ready to go.

The Wikimedia Embassy has been set up on meta as a central place for resources to help with cross-language issues -- site-wide and software decisions that affect all of us, and interlanguage linking. Please see that page for details of setting up an embassy in your own language, or to list yourself as an ambassador.

See Wikipedia:Local Embassy for details of the English embassy where you can ask for help in your own language.

See m:How to start a new Wikipedia for information on starting a Wikipedia in your language.

The mailing list

The Wikipedia-L Wikipedia mailing list is open to Wikipedians of all languages and nationalities. The primary language is English, but all languages are welcome -- someone else can translate if necessary. (Multilingual messages are very welcome!)


A Wikipedia Ambassador should keep an eye on the Embassy and on Wikipedia-L and Wikitech-L for issues of interest to the community they represent. You should also bring attention to the overall multilingual community locally brought-up issues and ideas that may affect or benefit everyone.

A list of all embassies and ambassadors can be found at m:Wikimedia Embassy.

Current issues

Current international issues should be discussed on Meta. Older issues have been archived here.

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