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This is a list of computer hardware related terms derived from the Glossary of Telecommunication Terms published as Federal Standard 1037C. Please see the Federal Standard article for copyright-related issues, as not all parts of the source document are in the public domain.

central processor unit (CPU) -- comparator -- compatibility -- computer -- computer architecture -- computer system -- CPU -- digital computer -- direct connect -- file server -- general purpose computer -- hardware -- host computer -- hybrid computer -- input-output channel -- inverter -- mainframe -- microcomputer -- micro-mainframe link -- microprocessor -- monitor -- mouse -- multiprocessor -- operating system -- parallel computer -- parallel port -- POSIX -- process computer system -- process control -- processing unit -- process interface system -- processor -- register -- security filter -- security kernel -- serial computer -- serial port -- special purpose computer -- standby -- stored-program computer -- touch-sensitive -- trusted computing base (TCB) -- trusted computer system (TCS) -- warm restart -- work station

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