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This is a list of telephony terms derived from the Glossary of Telecommunication Terms, published as Federal Standard 1037C. Please see the Federal Standard article for copyright-related issues, as not all parts of the source document are in the public domain.


access contention -- B channel -- bearer service -- broadband ISDN (B-ISDN) -- circuit transfer mode -- contribution -- customer access -- D channel -- demand service -- digital subscriber line (DSL) -- distribution -- distribution service -- event -- frame -- functional signaling -- H-channel -- hybrid interface structure -- interactive service -- interface functionality -- interface payload -- ISDN -- labeled channel -- labeled interface structure -- labeled multiplexing -- labeled statistical channel -- LAP-D -- messaging service -- network element (NE) -- network termination -- network termination 1 (NT1) -- network termination 2 (NT2) -- positioned channel -- post-production processing -- primary rate interface (PRI) -- reference configuration -- reference point -- reserved circuit service -- retrieval service -- R interface -- Signaling System No. 7 (SS7) -- S interface -- synchronous transfer mode -- teleaction service -- terminal adapter -- T-interface -- transfer mode -- transit delay -- T reference point -- U interface -- V reference point -- wide area network (WAN)

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