Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits until March 2004

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Here is a list (compiled with data from March 12, 2004) of the 500 Wikipedians who have made the most edits on the wiki. Thus it indicates cumulative activity over time, not current activity. Some older edits may not be counted because they were dropped by the old wiki software or got overwritten by database glitches, or because the user changed login names.

Note that this list counts ONLY main namespace edits. It does not count talk:, Wikipedia: and similar namespaces.

A list in unformatted form is available weekly here.

The list gives some impression of who the heavy contributors are -- although only very roughly so, since many of the edits of those high in the list will be spelling corrections, part of an edit war, correcting their own mistakes, or successively saving each small change where others would use the preview option. Someone who created a number of long new pages or major additions might well occur much lower. Also, people who often edit when not logged in will appear lower in this list than they would otherwise.

Of course, we want the general public involved, including those people whose only edit may have been to fix a simple obvious typo. As of June 2003, Wikipedia gets around 3,000 edits a day -- many of which are made by people who are not on this list. We appreciate all of their excellent contributions.

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