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This is an archive only of bug reports from Phase II of the Wikipedia software (used before June 20, 2002). Please see Wikipedia:Bug reports for instructions on adding bug reports for the current system.

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First hit doesn't show login, all subsequent hits do

2002/03/28: When I enter Wikipedia from outside the page shows my IP instead of my username. When I follow a link within Wikipedia the cookie is noticed and my login name appears. I obviously have cookies set and working, since it does notice. I use Mozilla 0.9.9 and Galeon 1.2 on Linux. I'd like to enter to the Recent Changes page, but since the first page doesn't recognise my cookie, it only displays 50 entries and not the number I have indicated in my preferences. -- Seindal

I can't log in.

2002/03/22: I set no password under UseMod, now I can't log in under the new PHP script. I'm still logged on on one computer by a cookie, but I can't log on from any other computer, without a password. I also am unable to change my password from the computer I am logged on from without a password. -Aidan Elliott-McCrea

I created a new user with username novalis. I can log in, but whenever I follow any link from the login page, I am not logged in. I get the following cookies when I log on:



Neither seem to have domain or path information (So, I'm using konqeror to test this, and I don't trust its reporting). They appear to expire in about ten minutes, but that's not what's causing the bug. I get the same bug in Galeon and Konqueror and Lynx and Links, so it's probably not client-side.


Also tried logging out, but the system won't log me out because of the cookie thing. Advice would be nice! JHK

Log in doesn't set cookie path

(2002/1/25) The Set-Cookie header returned from the log in page doesn't include a path= variable. Most browsers default to "/"; Lynx, at least, defaults to the path of the page, so login doesn't work. Carey Evans

(2002/02/20) Actually, it looks like Mozilla defaults to the path to the page. When I wrote the report above, this was "" (for /wiki.phtml); now it's "/wiki". This means that special:userLogout doesn't work for anyone who logged in before the path was changed, because it doesn't touch the cookie with path "". --Carey Evans

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