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This page is very ancient, amusing only for nostalgic purposes. If you want current information, see m:MediaWiki.

This page aims to discuss the newest script and the changes in behaviour it causes compared to older versions of the software.

See also MediaWiki -- New features


What happened to sub-pages and why?

Subpage functionality has been removed. The "/" is now a normal character and can still be used in page titles, although this is discouraged in favor of a "Name (category)" style. The reasons for this change are outlined in Wikipedia:Subpages.

The namespaces now have the closest subpage-like functionality.

What is a namespace?

A namespace is a set of pages which have a similar function within Wikipedia. This is useful to avoid mixups of user names and wikipedia articles, and for other organizational purposes. The namespace is part of the article title, divided from the actual name by a ":".

For instance, we can have an article Vulture and another article user:Vulture. The first lives in the "blank" namespace and is an encyclopedia article, the second in the user namespace and describes a Wikipedian.

The namespace of an article is indicated by prepending it to the title, separated with a colon. An exception is the main, "blank" namespace for regular encyclopedia articles: it is used by default if no other namespace is explicitly given.

New namespaces cannot be created by Wikipedians. If you would like a new namespace, please post on Sourceforge: MediaWiki Feature requests, Wikipedia-L or Wikitech-L, or do some hacking and propose a patch.

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