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Articles that need to be wikified
Massive backlog.
(Category, live update)

Dead-end pages
These pages are not wikified.
(Updated 2007 Nov 3)

Missing articles
Wikipedia is not as complete as you might think!

Most wanted articles
(Updated December 2010)

Oldest requested articles
(Updated 2008 June 22)

Articles needing geo-coordinates
Help locate places. See WP:GEO
(Category, live update)

Articles written by a single editor
Reviewing articles written by an inexperienced editor.
(Updated 2009 January 12)

Check Wikipedia
Fix the syntax of Wikipedia
(Updated every 15 minutes)

Disambiguation pages with links
Directing ambiguous links to the intended articles.
(Updated 2009 June 1)

Moving free images to Wikimedia Commons
Moving free images to the Commons so they are easier to find.
(categories; live updates)

Orphaned articles
Help link to these orphaned articles.
(Category, live update)

Red Link Recovery
Turn red links blue
(Updated June 2010)

Help remove stub tags from articles they don't belong on.
(Updated August 2010)

Talk page redirects
Fix mis-targeted talk page redirects
(Updated 10 April 2009)

Uncategorised articles
Help categorise articles.
(Category, live update)

Unreferenced articles
Ensuring articles include at least one reference or source.
(Category, live update)

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This page lists stubs that have the most links from other Wikipedia articles. Articles which are linked to or from many places generally cover important topics. They are likely to be read frequently and therefore should be of the highest quality. Popular stubs should be expanded as a priority.


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