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This article describes Wikipedia's conventions for naming articles about ships and for referring to ships in the body of articles. See Wikipedia:Article titles for more general naming conventions. See WikiProject Ships for more guidance on writing articles about ships.

Ships share names with people, places, animals and other things. So articles about ships must be named to distinguish them from other similarly-named ships, as well as other things with which they share a name.


Civilian ships

Civilian ships should follow standard Wikipedia naming conventions. In particular:

If a ship is best known in combination with a ship prefix, use the prefix as part of the name:

Do not use slashes or other punctuation within the ship prefix:

If more than one prefix was used, choose the best-known and create a redirect from the other:

A ship not known by a prefix should appear under its name only, if that is unambiguous:

But when the name is ambiguous, append disambiguation information in parentheses as usual. The date of launching can be used if there are several ships with the same name:

Military ships

For ships of navies that have standard ship prefixes, use the prefix in the name of the article. Also, for modern ships, include the ship's hull numbers (hull classification symbols) (for the United States Navy) or pennant numbers (for the Royal Navy and many European and Commonwealth navies), if it is available, sufficiently unique, and well known.

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