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Nupedia was a low activity open content, international, peer reviewed encyclopedia project formerly run by Larry Sanger. Sanger also started Wikipedia alongside Jimmy Wales when he got the idea of supplementing Nupedia with a less formal "wiki" encyclopedia project. So there is a historical connection between the projects. Both Nupedia and Wikipedia are originated by Bomis, a web portal company, so a wider management connection exists.

There is no editorial connection between the projects, however. The participants in Nupedia do not necessarily condone the contents or methods of Wikipedia - and vice-versa.


Adding Nupedia articles to Wikipedia

To add a Nupedia article to Wikipedia, all you have to do is find the article, copy the contents, and paste it into the appropriate location (whatever you think is appropriate). Nupedia content is released under the GNU Free Documentation Licence (GFDL). You should note that Nupedia is the source of the article and provide a link to the original. For example:

You may not add articles from the Nupedia chalkboard to Wikipedia, unless you have permission from the original author. Content on the Nupedia chalkboard is not covered by the GFDL.

However, content in the Nupedia articles-in-progress (see ) do appear to qualify under the GFDL (see talk and [1]) so they can be ported to Wikipedia. An example citation might be:

Articles copied to Wikipedia

Bacterium -- BASIC programming language -- Case-based reasoning -- Charles S. Peirce -- Computation -- Donegal fiddle tradition -- Foot-and-mouth disease -- Functional programming (needs merging) -- Genotype and phenotype -- Herodotus of Halicarnassus -- Hydatius -- Imperative programming -- Irish traditional music -- Karl Raimund Popper (needs merging) -- Plasmid -- Polymerase chain reaction -- Procopius of Caesarea -- Pylos -- Quasispecies model -- SNOBOL4 -- Virgil

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