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This is an archive only of bug reports from Phase II of the Wikipedia software (used before June 20, 2002). Please see Wikipedia:Bug reports for instructions on adding bug reports for the current system.


Uncategorized bugs

Clitic comes up as an old version

2002-05-09 phma

The Clitic page shows as an old version. If you hit "Edit", the current version shows in the edit box.

Extremophile is also showing up as an old version, and with a diff showing that it is new, when it has been edited several times.

May 12 2002

I am still getting this problem on many pages, if the pages show at all.

May 8, 2002:

User contribs link doesn't work on user page that starts with a lowercase letter
Looks like the lowercase user name contribs bug is back - check out Maveric149's contributions and maveric149's contributions --maveric149, Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Titles and Labels

Titles of Pages

(2002/1/26) The HTML titles of history pages all read ":encyclopedia article from Wikipedia". Furthermore, articles in the talk: and special: namespaces shouldn't be labeled as "encyclopedia articles". --AxelBoldt

(2002/1/28 Cosmetic) special: and wikipedia: pages have title "... - encyclopedia article from Wikipedia". They should not be indexed by search engines or should be indexed with a different page title. This is to "brand" "encyclopedia article from wikipedia" as a source of useful information -- ChaTo

STATUS : Solved in CVS

April 1 2002: HTML titles

This is more a semantic bug than software bug. The software renders every page with the title "[page name]: encyclopedia article from Wikipedia". The problem is not every page is actually an encyclopedia article. I recommend that the title remain for pages in the article space (except for the front page), and change it for all other namespaces. --Stephen Gilbert

How about saying 'X: from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia' for the other pages?

[edit] User Interface

Link underlining

(2002/1/25) External links and different namespaces should still be underlined, or there's nothing to indicate to new users that they are actually clickable. Carey Evans

(2002-02-09) Now all 'normal' links are forced to be underlined (with the following):

 a { text-decoration: underline; }

This is overriding my browser's configured default, which is to display links without underlines. Can't this line just be omitted? -- Matthew Woodcraft

Usability Report

(2002/1/31) I've written a small Usability Report for Wikipedia pointing out some usability problems. -- ChaTo

[edit] Miscellaneous Problems

Two different articles with same title

(2002/1/28) Churches Uniting In Christ has two different articles with the same URL and title. If you type in the URl, you get one article, but if you search for the title, it gives you two different ones... Dreamyshade

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