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This page is obsolete! It is an archive of old feature requests that were still active on 2002 July 20, when we moved from Phase II to Phase III of the software. Many requests were implemented then, while others became obsolete due to being rejected by the community. See Wikipedia:Feature requests for current requests.

Please see the PHP wikipedia under development. Most of the requests I see here are already working there. Please help me squish the bugs so we can switch over soon. --Magnus Manske

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______Next "semi-paragraph": Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text
When I use six spaces (instead of the underlines used above) to begin a new "semi-paragraph" (a break not as strong as a <p>) Wikipedia leaves the paragraph unformatted. IMO it was better not to use <pre>text<pre> automatically. And I wonder why <a href="xxxx">xxx</a> doesn´t work, why it can´t become automatically translated to Wikipedia syntax. Sporadic writers like me may want to use simple things like target="_blank" - things that don´t spoil consistency nor security - why not implement better filtering? I see you´re coding Wikipedia in PHP now, so performance should not be a problem.
Another thing I´d like to have is modification dates, in an extended view mainly for writers. And tables or div layers to paint colors were cool, maybe even transparent colors (CSS?) to show overlapping and several sucessive changes. User:Grasso

Requests for what goes on outside of the entries--the menubars up top and bottom, etc., user preferences.

  • Currently links to entries which do not exist are formatted with a question-mark at the end. This looks unprofessional, similar to old WikiStyle, and distracts from the text. Cascading style sheets offer the possibility to have links in a color other than the ones defined in -body-. It would be nice to display, by default or as an option in the preferences, links to non-existing entries in a different color, e.g. green. If there are problems with the implementation, please add a note here and I'll try to create an HTML example.
    • This should probably be a configurable option, since people using a text browser may not be able to see coloured links -BD
  • It should be possible to add a page from the search results page. That is, if I type "foobar" in the search, if no page with that exact name exists, the search result page (in addition to showing the matches) should offer me to "Create an entry about 'foobar' now". This way, you would still have to check for possible matches, but could add new pages easier. That's the way Everything2 does it, BTW, and it works quite nicely.
  • Can we have the "edit this page right now!" link back at the top of the page? Or was that voted down? I like it.
  • I would like a link somewhere to my own personal page, since there I have linked pages that are of interest to me (in lack of a 'subscribe' feature =). I always search for my own page the first thing when I surf to wikipedia.
  • I would like to have a CANCEL Button on the Edits page (Page in Edit mode) added to the two existing ones SUBMIT and PREVIEW. Just to have a clear understanding what is going on and what the system/database is up to. User:StefanRybo
    • How about a "SPELL CHECK" button, too?
      • It would be helpful if the spell checking also check for variations of Wiki links, such as "Recent Changes" vs. "Recent Changes". It can eliminate branching of similar pages.
  • Automatically update the present (server) date. Link the date to that day's page.

  • When I'm editing a topic, I'd like to have the search box available at the bottom of the page. User:Janet Davis
    • Suggestion: have the search results appear in a new window, so you don't lose whatever it was you're working on. -- User:Gimbo

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