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This page is obsolete! It is an archive of old feature requests that were still active on 2002 July 20, when we moved from Phase II to Phase III of the software. Many requests were implemented then, while others became obsolete due to being rejected by the community. See Wikipedia:Feature requests for current requests.


Report features and automation

Reports and lists

  • Report showing all orphaned pages (that is, pages that are not linked to by any other page).
  • Report showing all old style link pages that aren't redirects (simplify converting them).
  • Report showing all dangling links (i.e. links which point to pages that don't exist yet.)
  • Automatically updated page giving the 100 or so most common searches over different periods (today, last 4 hours, last month, last 6 months). This information would help us add what people actually want (provided it fits in with what wikipedia should be).
  • How about a feature that lists all places where the current page is linked from?
  • Automatically-generated NewTopics page
    • Still considering this, but not for version 0.92. --CliffordAdams
  • Count and publicly display (somewhere) two or three different numbers of Wikipedia pages that are longer than various particulars lengths (to give a more realistic idea of how many actual pages are on the wiki, as opposed to redirection pages, tiny stubs, etc.).
    • A good idea. The only quibble is that it requires opening every page to generate the report, but it shouldn't take any longer than the current search function.
    • If wikipedia articles are stored in flat files, you could just approximate the length based on the file size, right?
  • How's about an automatically generated Wikipedia Contributors page that lists contributors and the number of pages they created or changed? --SoniC
    • Unfortunately, not all contributors use a username or have a single login. Also, not all of the requested information is kept permanently. --CliffordAdams
  • Plagiarism-bot. A bot that goes through Wikipedia pages on a regular basis, does Google searches, and flags pages that it suspects might be plagiarized.
  • Let's have contributors of a given Wikipedia page listed either in the header or in the footer. IP's are skipped of course and if there are more than, say, 10 contributors make a link to a special subpage "Contributors".Kpjas
    • If people wish to be listed, can't they simply include their name at the end of the text?
    • I like the basic anonymity of the entries, especially if the diff information is actually stored somewhere. -- TheCunctator
  • Provide a way to search for all the changes made by one user in Wikipedia. For example, if I contributed to numerous pages over a long period of time, then 2 years later, I would need a way to find out whether someone else added to the subject I once touched.
    • Alternately, allow users to "monitor" a page, so that they get email whenever that page is edited. Or adds a link to that page to another page, which could be a subpage of their user page. Greg Lindahl
  • I would like a page that is a top list of the most frequently linked-to non-existent page. Linus Tolke

Weed-whacking (tools to help in reining in chaos)

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