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This page is obsolete! It is an archive of old feature requests that were still active on 2002 July 20, when we moved from Phase II to Phase III of the software. Many requests were implemented then, while others became obsolete due to being rejected by the community. See Wikipedia:Feature requests for current requests.

Should this be called Wiki code?

  • HTML comments in Wiki pages. I'd like to be able to add comments to a page for authors and editors that are permanent, not like discussions on a Talk page. Things like "Note the layout of this table; if you want to add an item, do it this way..." or "Someone included this example here, but I think it's better on this other page, so I moved it there", and so on.
    • Why permanent? What would be the point of that?
      • I mean "permanent" only in the sense of "saved with the rest of the text"--of course, it's just as editable as the rest of the text as well.
    • Yes please! This is something that I've been wanting several times. --Pinkunicorn, User:Lee Daniel Crocker
  • Anchors and internal links like#this.
    • Anchors within a single page would be great, but inter-page anchors are probably not a good idea. One possible implementation could be: [#foo] ... [$foo], where the hash is the reference and the dollar is the target. I'd really like to have that on the Wikipedia FAQ page.
    • Redirects to anchors would be wonderful! For example, there was disagreement on whether there should be a separate Anarchist page or whether it should redirect to Anarchism. Instead, we could redirect to Anarchism#Anarchists. The reader gets the proper information and full context, and the writers don't have to summarize Anarchism and Anarchist in each other for context.
    • I second the request for anchors. Why not use the power of the medium some more, eh?--branko
    • Ewww - do we have to use # for anchors? I would use it to begin lines for comments.
  • InsertPagesIntoOtherPages
    • Not likely to happen soon. Opens too many new issues for minimal gain. --CliffordAdams
    • The KeheiWiki has an include functionality. If you ever wish to explore this let me know and I can give pointers. -- BryceHarrington
    • I'm quite interested in having templates. -- TheCunctator
  • Currently ISBNs appear in a page as: "ISBN 123456789X (Amazon, Pricescan)" and this is hard-coded into the script. The link to Barnes and Noble is not explicit in the displayed text. I'd like to see this changed as follows (not just for Wikipedia, but for vanilla UseMod as well):
  • Misspelling redirects. It's useful for searchers and browsers to have misspelled entries which just redirect to the correct spelling, but we want to discourage misspellings in the actual entries, which simply using #REDIRECT doesn't do. Thus the nomenclature: #MISSPELLING_OF [[Correct spelling]] would allow us to mark any pages which link to a misspelling, and correct them. See also talk:Page titles to be deleted

Seconded! This would be a great feature to have. Common misspellings ought to be redirected to their correct entry, but I have severe doubts about whether it's a good idea to make redirects for them... ~KJ Mon 13 May 2002

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