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This page explains how to request images from other Wikipedians for Wikipedia articles.


Using this page

Note that the words image, diagram, photograph and picture are relatively interchangeable, and when making a request you should not take the wording too literally. You may want an image of something from a time before cameras were invented but the request can be fulfilled via a photograph of a picture or scanning or creating a diagram or a screenshot of a computer image.

Posting a request

Before posting, please perform the following steps:

There are two methods for requesting an image:

Note: Either or both methods together can be used for a request; however, using the {{reqphoto}} template is the preferred method, as that is better monitored and managed.

Adding a template onto a talk page

You may add one of the image request templates, such as: {{reqphoto}} - {{reqmap}} - {{reqdiagram}} - {{reqscreenshot}} - {{reqvideo}} or {{reqaudio}} to the article's talk page. This will automatically place the article into a subcategory of [clarification needed]. Additional templates are available at [clarification needed].

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