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This page is now superseded by the new Main Page. See Wikipedia:Editing the main page.

The Selected Articles section on the Main Page has several purposes, all of which (we hope) support the central purpose of Wikipedia--making a great encyclopedia. The section links to entries of timely interest that are (and this is crucial) nonetheless encyclopedia articles, not news articles.

Wikipedia is not an online newspaper; but many Wikipedians are motivated to create and edit entries of timely interest, and because Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, it does a much better job with entries of timely interest (or recent events of historical importance) than a "dead tree" encyclopedia.

(A historical note: the section began with the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack entries put up within minutes of the attacks. The entries led to a massive infusion of interest in the project.)



Uup - Super Bowl - Hutton Inquiry - Mydoom - Abdul Khan

Don Cholito - Jack Paar - Fanny Blankers-Koen - Helmut Newton

Iron triangle - Laocoon - Habitat for Humanity - Pacific Gull

Foundation Series - Rainbow - Copyright - Madonna - Free will

January 2 - Groundhog Day - Knights of Columbus - Candlemas -
University of Jena - OED - Columbia disaster - Tet Offensive

Adding links

Anyone with sysop access can edit the Main Page and update the Selected Articles section. This may be the most glamorous reason to get sysop access, which is encouraged for regular Wikipedians.

Wikipedia talk:Selected Articles on the Main Page can be used to suggest links, though the criteria below should make the process relatively automatic.

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