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This is the English-language Wikipedia bus stop. Wikipedia is building a free online encyclopedia, and is one of the best developed projects in the open content movement. This is the English-language Wikipedia, and is the largest Wiki in existence. There are Wikipedias in other languages, many of them part of the Bus #80 tour. Please take your time to look around. Most material on Wikipedia is available under one or more free content licenses.


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You can also get the tour bus map of existing routes at Tour Bus Map on MeatballWiki.

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Main Page

Has daily updated sections including featured articles, News and other interesting stuff. Wikipedia's front page, with a comprehensive category scheme.

Neutral Point of View

This is the guiding principle here at Wikipedia. An encyclopedia article must not advocate a position on any given issue; rather, it must describe the various positions fairly and accurately.

Wikipedias in all languages

Wikipedia aims to be an encyclopedia encompassing all languages. If your language is not yet active, recruit a few friends and get the ball rolling!

Welcome, newcomers

Want to participate in Wikipedia? This page serves as a jumping-off point for new Wikipedians.

Wikimedia servers

Of special interest to TourBus riders with a flair for technology, this page on a related wiki contains information about the server farm used by Wikipedia.


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