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For instructions on correctly submitting feature requests and bug reports, see wikipedia:bug reports.

Since UI design stuff has taken up a huge chunk of wikipedia:ignored feature requests, I'm moving them to their own page. Go wild!

Older material can be found at Wikipedia:Phase II feature requests/Interface

Ignored feature requests

2002 2 25 I really like the idea of having different colors for all the user pages, talk pages and wikipedia pages. However, could a better color scheme be used? Really, lime green for the wiki pages, and salmon pink for the user pages (I do hate pink) are just horrid choices! And the blue of the talk pages makes it difficult to tell where hyperlinks are when your settings are set to not underline them. But the concept is real cool and will be most useful. I will play around with some colors and report back in a day a two. maveric149

  • I would suggest that the colors be made considerably paler - they do interfere with the hyperlinks - and that the main article pages should be backed by plain white. Being able to read the pages is, after all, the most important aspect, with all else secondary to that. -- April

Alternate designs

Fair enough, Brion. I've put together a few pages, which are living at for now. The most useful link there is the Talk link at the bottom of the page, that explains it a bit. I haven't tested it in IE, and I know it won't look as good in Netscape 4. --Carey Evans, 2002-02-27

Ok, all, here's the design I've come up with. [[1]] It retains most of the current design with a couple of graphic enhancements and a slightly different organization. It's just a sample page, so many of the links don't work. Jazzoctopus

(See also Marian's excellent UI redesign proposal.)

Nice and fast work on the Cologne Blue skin (the first cut at Marian's UI, I assume). Here are a few suggestions, based on my browser, IE 5.5:

  • drop the font size on the "WIKIPEDIA" banner text from +4 to +3
  • drop the font size on the topic headline (which looks nice in the Verdana gray) from 8 to 6
  • in the second table, the one enclosing both the options bar on the left, as well as the body text, kick the cell spacing up to 5 or so, which gets the whitespace closer to Marian's
  • in the options bar table, drop the cell spacing to 0, but kick the cell padding to 5, maybe, which will give you a continous bar with some spacing structure in it. User:ClaudeMuncey

Cologne Blue lacks two essential features:

  • the ability to edit a redirect page
  • the ability to go from a Talk: page to a main namespace page

I'm switching back to the default. --Damian Yerrick

Currently wikipedia is fairly COLOR-BLIND-FRIENDLY. Please keep this in mind for any future enhancements or changes to wikipedia. There are a number of websites that offer tips on having a color-blind-friendly website. As a red/green color-blind person myself, I can tell you that if the font and background are certain shades, I cannot distinguish the font from the background to read it! B

How about Geocities-ad-style collapsible menu-sections on the left sidebar? You could fit more options in that way. It would clean up the interface a whole lot.

Also, Tim Starling has proposed the use of smart (javascript?) context menus, so that right clicking on a user's link would have options like 'user contributions'. I think this feature would be invaluable, but we need to allow for the simpler and older browsers out there, so any such addition would have to come with a major wikipedia overhaul, testing and the ability to disable the feature in preferences. - Mark 05:30, 5 Jan 2004 (UTC)

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