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Glass tesseract still.png

The tesseract, the four-dimensional analog of the cube.
To see an animated version, click here.

edit Mathematics portal

How to help — open tasks and things to do

Contributors — a list of project participants. Please introduce yourself.

Advice on using Wikipedia for mathematics self-study

List of mathematics articles — containing approximately 25113 articles

Recent activity on mathematics articles

Mathematics reference resources

Mathematics editor resources

Manual of style for mathematics

Conventions — naming and terminology conventions

Guide to creating mathematical formulas

Mathematics templates

PlanetMath Collaborations

Math Wikipedia 1.0

Mathematical Graphics

Mathematical Typography

WikiProject Mathematics Competitions

WikiProject Statistics

WikiProject Numbers

WikiProject Golden ratio

WikiProject Logic

WikiProject Systems

WikiProject Physics

WikiProject Science

Main discussion page

Proofs — discussion on proofs and proof style

Mathematics reference desk

This project aims to enable Wikipedians to cooperate, make suggestions and share ideas on the organization and improvement of the mathematics coverage of Wikipedia. Everyone is welcome to join in this endeavor.

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