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First, an important note for everyone to remember:

A few Wikipedians have gotten together to make some suggestions about how we might organize data in articles about sports team listings. These are only suggestions, things to give you focus and to get you going, and you shouldn't feel obligated in the least to follow them. But if you don't know what to write or where to begin, following the below guidelines may be helpful. Mainly, we just want you to write articles!



WikiProject Sports Team Listing


This WikiProject aims primarily to catalogue known teams in team sports.


The parent of this WikiProject is the WikiProject Sports.

Descendant Wikiprojects

No descendant WikiProjects have been defined.

Similar Wikiprojects

The similar WikiProjects are WikiProject Sports Listing and WikiProject Olympics.


Note that there are many contributors to the individual sports articles.


There should be an individual entry for each "major league" (elite-level) sport franchise (NOTE: a sporting franchise in the US is the organisation associated with a professional sports team - the equivalent term might be "club" in British or Australian English). Defining what is a sport and what is an event is still open, as is "major league".

At a minimum, an entry for an individual sports franchise should describe the following:

Hierarchy Definition

No classification of Sports Team Listing has been defined. See this example on dividing a topic into a hierarchy.

General Strategy and Discussion forum

The WikiProject idea is still in the proposal stage. Please read Wikipedia:WikiProject proposal for further information.

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