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Welcome to the United States WikiProject on the English Wikipedia! We are a group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of topics related to the United States. This project was formed to unify and coordinate all things USA on Wikipedia and help to maintain The USA Portal. Some project goals are to help list and categorize USA related articles, develop quality standards for articles and build templates that help users browse the dozens of articles that would fall under the this project's watch. This project will also provide a place for U.S. Wikipedians and other editors to share information and resources. Here editors can ask for help with certain articles and bring otherwise overseen articles and problems to the attention of other editors.


The project generally considers any article related to the United States of America to be within its direct scope.

Our work covers:

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Note: There are more than 100 Wikiprojects relating to United States topics. See the Wikiproject Embassy tab for links to statistics for those projects.

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