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January 15 is known as Wikipedia Day to Wikipedians. On this date in the year 2001, the wiki-based Wikipedia project went public after spending five days on Nupedia.


Wikipedia Day 2011

Wikipedia's tenth birthday (Wikipedia 10) - Events being planned around the world.

Wikipedia Day 2010

Wikipedia Day New York City – A Wikipedia Day NYC celebration was held at New York University in New York City on Sunday January 24, 2010.

Wikipedia Day Bangalore – A Wikipedia Day celebration was held in Bangalore, India on Saturday January 16, 2010.

Hebrew Wikipedia 100,000 articles celebrations – was held in Tel Aviv, Israel on January 15, 2010.

Wikipedia Day 2009

On the eighth anniversary of Wikipedia, January 15, 2009, the English Wikipedia had nearly 2,700,000 articles, (2,699,721 as of 20:00 UTC) and just over 15,750,000 pages overall. Just before Wikipedia Day 2009, the Wikimedia Foundation's most successful fundraiser to date was concluded (on January 1, 2009), with over $6M U.S. raised. Microsoft's Encarta (1993–2009) Encyclopedia over the years consolidated many traditional print encyclopedias into its digital version (CD/DVD/online) until ending Encarta in 2009 due to the overwhelming success and popularity of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Day 2008

On January 15, 2008, the English Wikipedia celebrated its seventh birthday with 2,176,875 articles, with El Hormiguero being the 2 millionth article. The site is hovering between a 7 and 8 Alexa rating. By now, Wikipedians seek more quality contributions than quantity ever since the millionth article was created.[1] A wide spread of controversies occurred throughout the year of 2007, (e.g. Essjay Controversy).[2]

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