Wild Mood Swings

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Wild Mood Swings is the tenth studio album by British band The Cure, released in 1996 (see 1996 in music).



After Wish, it seemed The Cure was on the brink of being disbanded due to the departure of Porl Thompson and Boris Williams. Simon Gallup was also forced to take a vacation due to health problems, which narrowed the lineup down to Robert Smith and Perry Bamonte. Nevertheless, it seems the two of them managed to keep things afloat long enough for Gallup to return once he recovered and convinced Roger O'Donnell to rejoin the band. This is also the first album featuring drummer Jason Cooper, who played on 9 of the 14 tracks on the album, because several drummers were auditioning for the job at the time it was being recorded. (See below.)

This album was poorly received by many Cure fans, with Wild Mood Swings selling just one million copies worldwide compared to the estimated four million sales of Wish. As of 2005, US sales stand at 363,410 according to SoundScan. However, Smith has gone on record to say, "It's one of my top five favourite Cure albums."[1]

Wild Mood Swings also joins The Top as one of the least performed albums in the Cure's repertoire.

On the recent 2008 4Tour, the band only performed "Want" at a few dates and "Club America" in Mexico City.

"Jupiter Crash" was played on the 2004 Curiosa Tour, and "Want" was usually played as the third song during the 2000 Bloodflowers Tour.[2]

All other songs were last played live at the 1996 Swing Tour, with a few festival performances in 1998 of "Treasure".

Track listing

All songs by Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup, O'Donnell and Smith, except where noted.


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