Wireless Valley

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The term "Wireless Valley" has several competing uses.

It seems to have been coined around 1990 by Ted Rappaport while he was a professor at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, alluding to his research program in wireless communications and the location of Blacksburg between the Appalachians and the Blue Ridge Mountains. He later founded Wireless Valley Communications (of Austin, Texas), which trademarked the phrase "Wireless Valley" in the United States.

Wireless Valley is also a nickname and an attempt to describe several regional clusters of companies in the information technology sector:

  • One such cluster is located in northern Stockholm, Sweden. This also included a number of companies that saw themselves as belonging to the new information based economy. The nickname was based on an analogy to California's Silicon Valley and reflected the hopes of trying to mimic that success. Ericsson, the world's leading supplier in telecommunications has one of its main design centers in the Stockholm suburb of Kista.
  • Finland also has a high-tech area in Espoo, sometimes called "Wireless Valley", based on Nokia.
  • A third such cluster consists of the telecommunications formed in San Diego[1]


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